Scientific Chart of Germanic New Medicine + Speciaal geschenk: Het boekje “Germaanse Geneeskunde Beknopte inleiding”


Scientific Chart of Germanic New Medicine
Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer
1st. edition 2007, revised and reprinted 2023 (176 pages)

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This 2023 revised reprint of the “Scientific Chart of Germanic New Medicine” includes the following changes:

  • You will receive the chart in a handy A4 book format. The new feature is that the book also includes the graphics and the subject index.
    Previously, the graphics were printed on a cover sheet that contained a wall poster. This poster is no longer printed, as it had an unwieldy format of 160 cm x 120 cm.
  • You will receive the booklet “Germanic Heilkunde – Introduction” as a special gift. It contains a summary of all the important information, one needs to understand the general terminology.

This means that from now on you can get the “Scientific Chart of Germanic New Medicine” ONLY in a book format. Additionally, you will receive the booklet “Germanic Heilkunde – Introduction” as a special gift.

Scientific Chart of Germanic New Medicine

Dr Hamer has left us a comprehensive reference work with his “Scientific Chart of Germanic New Medicine”.

The cover of the Scientific Chart is a representation of the main system of Dr Hamer’s discovery, the classification of medical science on the principles of germ layers, history of development and embryology, rather than on the principles of our organ systems.

As an introduction, you will find a brief description of the Five Biological Laws of Nature and the most important basic terminology.

Dr Hamer systematically organizes the organ parts from the evolutionarily earliest part of the brain to the evolutionarily very latest part of the brain.

The understanding of this system and its ontogenetic background, while literally discovering the correlations for yourself, will be extremely exciting and fascinating. Dr Hamer himself speaks of the criminology that comes along with the Germanische (Germanic) Heilkunde.

Beginners may find this work overwhelming at first, but bear in mind that Dr Hamer discovered all this by many years of in-depth research and that only a genius like him could make such ground-breaking discoveries.

That is why everybody should take some time to learn the basics in order to not only understand the complete scientific system, but also to become aware of the far-reaching significance of the Germanic Heilkunde.

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