Scientific Chart of Germanic New Medicine


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The Scientific Chart is integral to understanding the biological conflict responsible for all “diseases”. It is designed to help you to determine where the disease process is within the Second Biological Law, the “Law of Two Phases”.

The Scientific Chart of Germanic New Medicine® shows at a glance

– the correlation between psyche – brain – organ based on the Five Biological Laws, taking into account the three embryonic germ

layers (endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm)

– the type of biological conflict (DHS) that relates to a particular symptom, such as a certain cancer

– the location of the corresponding HH (Hamer Herd) in the brain

– symptoms that indicate conflict activity – ca-phase

– symptoms that indicate healing – pcl-phase

– the biological significance of each SBS (Significant Biological Special Program)

The GNM Scientific Chart Set comprises:

1.) Foldable Wall Chart (47″ x 63″)

2.) GNM Chart in Book Form – explains the Scientific Chart in detail – with much more comprehensive information

3.) 12 GNM Organ Diagrams and Chart Index

Note: The GNM Chart Set is sold only as a set, not in separate parts.

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