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Each version of the Song for downloading is in format MP3 (compressed audio format) and WAV (uncompressed audio format, which retains the original quality of sound without loss of frequency). This way everyone can be sure to find and use the format suitable for the audio equipment (some only accept MP3).

  1. Choir (440Hz) as WAV and MP3
  2. Dr.Hamer with string quartet (441 Hz) as WAV and MP3
  3. Dr. Hamer accompanied by violoncello (432 Hz) as WAV and MP3
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As the author of the melody and the text of “Mein Studentenmädchen”, I want to offer all my patients with this magical melody. I forbid any changes to the original, which I look upon as sacred and healing. I forbid as well any commercial use in every regard. “Mein Studentenmädchen” is only for one’s personal use.
Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

The melody of Mein Studentenmädchen appears to be very old: the magical song of our god Odin.

This archaic melody is the archetype of all biphasic melodies. However, only this one has a magical effect.   We do not know if a translation of Mein Studentenmädchen to another language would keep the properties it has when sung in the original German, but we know that it has the same positive effect on people who speak other languages, even in animals and plants. Therefore there is no reason to change this magical song, it is already being played by millions of people around the world because it is a sacred melody. I consider Mein Studentenmädchen the greatest therapeutic discovery in the history of mankind.   It’s amazing that this little song can achieve so much! It shakes up the conventional clinical medicine: who would have imagined that it is possible to cure paranoid schizophrenia (cortical)

Anyhow, with Mein Studentenmädchen this is possible: the two cortical conflicts reduce its intensity thanks to the 4 th magical property of the song, and thus the patient, almost without conflictual mass, can more easily go on to solve them and leave his constellation.

Why should we abuse of patients for experiments as if they were guinea pigs, when the magic of Mein Studentenmädchen in German has such a clear success?.(more information)

Note: In order to play the song automatically in a continous loop, you need to ensure that your player has a repeat function (all CD players nowadays should have this option). To play the song „in loop“ (or to repeat the song) means that once the song has finished playing, it starts again from the beginning. This option should be activated on your player.

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String quartet (441Hz), Violoncello (432Hz), Choir (440Hz)