Audio CD with the magical song Mein Studentenmädchen

Audio CD with the magical song Mein Studentenmädchen

The Audio CD contains one small leaflet (only in German and Spanish) and three versions of “Mein Studentenmädchen”.


In the small leaflet (at the moment in German and Spanish) the origin of the song “Mein Studentenmädchen and the effects of this magic melody are explained. When I published “Die Archaischen Melodien®” (“The Archaic Melodies”) I already knew Mein Studentenmädchen was in fact an archaic melody, but at that time I was unaware of its therapeutic effect.


When I found out – first by chance with the case of an Austrian girl, and afterwards with more than hundred further cases – that Mein Studentenmädchen appeared to have a very specific magic therapeutic effect, the original idea changed, that it was only a little personal love song.


The effect of Mein Studentenmädchen is so huge, that it has become known as “the greatest therapeutic discovery in the history of mankind”.

Choir version (pitch of A to 440 Hz)

This first version was originally perceived and interpreted as a folk song. Due to this version I got luckily to know the magic therapeutic effect for the first time. However, this version was only appropiate to be listened during daytime, given that a lot of patients had problems to listen to it during nighttime while they sleep, because it was not soft enough.

Version: Dr. Hamer with string cuartet (pitch of A to 441 Hz)

Because of the problems experienced with the choir version, I trie to record a second softer version that could be heard both day and night. From the beginning I was frustrated to find a choir or soloist willing to interpret this new version. I finally ended up singing it myself, accompanied by a string quartet. At that time I did not realize the importance of natural vibration in the human voice, which has a pitch of 432 Hz. Consequently I used this frequency in a third version.

Version: Dr. Hamer with cello accompaniment (pitch of A 432 Hz)

On this occasion I once more tried to create a soft version in such a way, that patients could listen to it all day without problem. And that is how I got this third version going, which amazingly proved to be double as effective compared to the previous two versions. Such a sensational result shows the importance of the basic frequency of sound and may be seen as a far reaching discovery in music-theory.


I advise patients to listen preferably to the optimal version, the 3rd verion (Dr. Hamer accompanied by cello) with the frequency of A tuned to 432 Hz.


The three versions that are included on the CD are in the WAV format (uncompressed digital audio format) which preserves the original quality without loss of any frequencies.


The „infinite loop“ is not a part of the song but a function of the reproducer where you play the song. To listen to the song in an infinite loop please assure that the repeat function of your reproducer is turned on.