Short historic outline of Mein Studentenmädchen

Short historic outline of Mein Studentenmädchen


As the author of the melody and text of the song “Mein Studentenmädchen” I want to offer this magical melody to all my patients, and I forbid any modification of the original, which I consider to be sacred and healing, as well as its illegal and fraudulent commercial use. “Mein Studentenmädchen” is a song reserved exclusively for personal use.


Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Mein Studentenmädchen is a little love song that I wrote and composed for my wife Sigrid in 1976, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of our love. A love that began in 1956, when we were both medical students in Tübingen.

This song, like Sleeping Beauty, was in a deep lethargy for thirty years, from 1976 to 2006. In 2006 the Italian pianist Prof. Giovanna Conti The book where the Italian pianist Professor Giovanna Conti exposed his discovery, it was published by my publisher, Amici di Dirk® – Ediciones de la Nueva Medicina, first in Italian (“Per una Música biologically sensible nell´ottica della Nuova Medicina Germanica”, 2008) and later in English (“The biological meaning of Music from the point of view of the Germanic New Medicine ”, 2009). [/ dt_tooltip] came to me as a patient and showed me that after reading my books, I had been researching classical music works from the point of view from the point of view of the Germanic Heilkunde, finding that they were all built according to the biphasic scheme of the 2nd Biological Law enunciated by me in 1981 (with an EPI-crisis in the middle of the PCL-phase). Giovanna Conti English and Italian publication.

This very special biphasic musical structure (with EPI-crisis in the middle of the PCL-phase) clearly showed that classical authors, through their compositions, intuitively expressed their own biological conflicts, once solved. That is, they communicated their own SBS® using sounds or musical notes, rather than expressing them in words.

After I asked him to analyze my little song, I was pleasantly surprised when on a subsequent visit he showed me that it was not only composed according to the 2nd Natural Biological Law but that, due to its clarity, simplicity and perfect biphasic structure be considered as the prototype of all classical music compositions of our great and old masters.

I immediately realized that I, too, had written my own biological conflict, my own bronchial SBS (fear conflict in the territory). And with that song, intuitively, I showed the development of an SBS, anticipating about five years to the discovery of the Germanic, that is, to the enunciation of the 1st and 2nd Law where I defined what an SBS is, what circumstance triggers it and what is the development of all SBS as long as the conflict is resolved.

As I later understood, this simplicity that made Mein Studentenmädchen a prototype or archetype of all Archaic Melodies®, resulted from an exceptional fact: both the music and the text came from the same author and therefore the lyrics and melody described a single biological conflict , my own SBS®.

I called Archaic Melodies® to the musical works of the great classical authors whose structure was intuitively elaborated following exactly the path that all SBS® has in nature for any man, animal or plant, that is: DHS, phase-CA, CL, pass -PCL A, EPI-crisis, phase-PCL B.

They were undoubtedly telling their own biological conflict, although of course we do not know the content of the conflict since we only have their music and not a text written by the composer himself.

In 2012, thanks to the publication of my book «Die Archaischen Melodien®» (The Archaic Melodies®), I discovered the healing power of my song, of which I already sensed something.

Mein Studentenmädchen is the simplest Archaic® Melody and hence the magical effect, which we do not see in the biphasic compositions of the great masters.

Having been able to confirm in hundreds of patients the fantastic effects of the original version of Mein Studentenmädchen, I want to make it available to all patients. However, to understand the effect of this Archaic Melody® it is necessary to know in depth the Germanic Heilkunde (Germanic New Medicine), in order to be able to correctly interpret the symptoms that may arise when listening to the song. For this reason I presented, in some letters, a summary of the results of my research, which you can find more extensively developed in the 2nd edition of “Mein Studentenmädchen” (736 pgs), for now only in German.

I have called the effect that Mein Studentenmädchen produces on the different embryonic leaves as magical properties. This observation and study has become a specific line of research.

The four magical properties of the Archaic Melody® Mein Studentenmädchen

How to use the song: night and day recurrences

Listening to Mein Studentenmädchen in a “loop”, very softly, during the night, you avoid relapses of conflict during sleep (nocturnal relapses), but you are not protected from relapses that could appear during the day (daytime relapses). Thus, patients who want to ensure the result listen to her permanently (day and night) until their SBS ends and they recover normotonia.

Mein Studentenmädchen in other languages

We do not know if Mein Studentenmädchen translated into another language would maintain the properties that it has sung in the original German, but we do know that it has the same positive effect both on people who speak other languages ​​and even on animals and plants. Therefore there is no reason to change this magical song, which is already heard by millions of people around the world, because it is a sacred melody. I consider Mein Studentenmädchen, the greatest therapeutic discovery in the history of mankind.

It’s amazing what this little love song can accomplish!

It turns conventional clinical medicine upside down, for who could have imagined that paranoid (cortical) schizophrenia could be cured?

However, with Mein Studentenmädchen this is possible: the two cortical conflicts reduce their intensity thanks to their 4th magical property and, thus, the patient, with almost no conflict mass, can more easily solve them and get out of their constellation.

I have also found that the human voice is absolutely necessary to achieve the magical effect. This led me to think that our ancestors, the Germans, for millennia knew the magic song of the God Wodan (Odin), which must have had the same melody as Mein Studentenmädchen, and they sang it, for example, to help heal a sick child or a wounded and unconscious warrior.

A magic song like this does not exist in any other religion, only in the Germanic religion. And it obviously has a unique therapeutic effect for our patients, not only in people but also in animals. Mein Studentenmädchen has become “the greatest therapeutic discovery in human history.”

Thanks to its prototypical melody coupled with the human voice, this little love song has the properties of the ancient magic song of the God Odin. Fantastic!

I consider Mein Studentenmädchen a divine gift and being able to give you this gift fills me with happiness and pride.

Why should we abuse patients as if they were experimental guinea pigs when the magic of Mein Studentenmädchen in German is such a clear success?