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You can purchase the song “Mein Studentenmädchen”  (Version 432 Hz, Dr. Hamer with violoncello) on a portable, wireless speaker in our online shop. This loudspeaker, very good also on the move, has an optimum of sound quality and is easy to handle ! Needless to say that it is also equipped with a headphone connector. Just hit play and the song will repeat itself automatically. There are several possibilities to  recharge the integrated storage battery:
  1. You can recharge the speaker by simply connecting the included recharger cable to your computer. The micro USB  plug (small) hast o be put into the  speaker and the USB plug (big) into the computer.
  2. In addition you can recharge through the included microUSB cable by connecting it with the USB power adaptor (5volt) from your cell phone, similar to recharging your cell phone.
If you do not have a cell phone power adapter, you can purchase one in any electronics shop, as long as it is equipped with a charging socket to simply put it into a plug connector. This means the speaker will be recharged through the included recharger cable as described in point 2.
Weight 350 g

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