Any type of help is always welcome and our response can only be sincere thanks to all those who support us.

You can choose to collaborate with us in what is most within your reach:

By contacting Dr. Hamer's publisher r ( if you think you can translate, for example, web content.

By contributing a donation with which you collaborate in the continuous advancement and dissemination of Dr. Hamer's discoveries.

Not supporting with your purchase works purportedly by Dr. Hamer (both written and audio material) that have not been published by his own publisher Amici di Dirk® or that are distributed outside the channels of his publisher. And informing us if you think you have found plagiarized and falsified material.
In this way, all those who have grasped what it means to preserve life-saving knowledge can help to continue to maintain an active front against those who work to silence it. And the lowest way to silence it is by distorting the original work of Dr. Hamer.

Telling us about your experience.
Many people have written to Dr. Hamer ( ) about the experience of him with Mein Studentenmädchen.
If you listen to the original song authorized by Dr. Hamer and distributed by his publisher Amici di Dirk® Ediciones de la Nueva Medicina, we are interested in your comments.
If you hear any other version acquired by any other means, this website is not the place to leave your comments as we are unaware of the possible alteration made to pirated versions.

Any other way you can think of, we would love to meet it.