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What is the greatest problem regarding security?

When you fill in a form and press the send button, you are submitting all of the data contained in the form to the network. These data are transferred from server to server until it reaches its destination. The danger is that data can be collected (stolen) in any of the servers through which they pass during the transfer process.


What is a secure server?

A secure server ensures confidentiality of your data transferred over the network.

This confidentiality is achieved via the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

Our servers offer the standard security measures within the sector, which can be accessed through your browser via a secure connection.

Security is the result of communication between a browser that supports the SSL protocol and a server that supports the same protocol. Any version of the Mozilla, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Explorer browser can support this protocol.


How does the SSL protocol work?

It works simply by encrypting the data you submit, via the RSA encryption system when this is located in a secure area of a browser. Your Netscape or Explorer browser, along with the secure server, encrypts data so that if someone were to obtain this data during the transfer process, they would not be able to read it, because they would not have the necessary key.


How I can know whether a server is secure?

What is a secure server certificate?

A secure server certificate is issued by a certifying entity: the Certification Authority. This entity grants the certificate after it has monitored the correct configuration of the encryption process (SSL) and has checked the data of the requesting company. The secure server certificate is awarded to an entity whose references have been checked, in order to ensure that the entity receiving the encrypted data, actually is the entity who should receive it.


Who certifies the security of this server?

Our served is certified by COMODO, a prestigious entity in issuing secure web certificates.


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